A magic and suggestive place where the cult of wine is well-established since ancient times.

Our work is exalted by the lively enthusiasm in the vineyard always with the aim to research and improve the right breeding techniques. The sunlit rolling hills, the soil conditions and the microclimate together with the skilful hands of a man contribute to the creation of a unique and high quality product and the main feature comes precisely from the close link with the territory.

Here in Torrecuso the viticulture is firmly anchored since ancient times which refer to Longobard period.

Lying on the soft hills of Torrecuso, on clay soil and at an altitude of 350- 400 meters, extend the twelve hectares of vineyards owned by the company in the heart of Taburno  where are cultivated mainly the native vines of Aglianico and Falanghina, from which the respective denominations of origin derive.

‘Spartiviento’ is the name of our Cru wine, the Aglianico del Taburno Riserva Docg.

‘Cent’Ore’ , is a calcareous soil located on the slopes of the medieval Castle of Torrecuso

The prevailing vine training system is the espalier; while the Guyot and the Spurred Cordon are the most used pruning systems.

All our vineyards are the product of a culture that respect our territory. Each vineyard is a jewel nestled into a natural context preserved over time by the skilful hands of our fathers.


The fruit of our land and our work