A heritage of a long tradition and culture of the territory: this is the essence of Cantine Tora 

Thanks to the fatherly experience that has been able to hand down from father to son the passion and the tenacity that for more than a century has lead the work in the vineyard of Rillo’s family, in 2004 the brothers Giampiero and Francesco decided to start a new business project: Cantine Tora was founded.

Cantine Tora is a reality in which respect for tradition is wisely combined with research and the application of modern winemaking techniques, embracing the philosophy of sustainable agriculture, certified by the brands and awards deriving from the several projects we have chosen to join.

The brothers Giampiero and Francesco built Cantine Tora treasuring of their father’s experience

From the very beginning, with hard work and dedication, Cantine Tora continues to pursue with a great perseverance the project to be the guarantor of the valorization of the enological heritage of the Taburno area and of the winemaking tradition related to them, becoming a reference point for wine lovers.

Indeed, the aim of the company policy pursue until now with a great success is to create a perfect combination between the recovery of the ancient knowledge of the peasant tradition, as a wise teacher with a wealth of experience and morality, and the use of new vines cultivation techniques.

Our ideal is the respect for the territory and its tradition

Our family-owned business with peasant origins, the exceptional attention to the work in the vineyard and the meticulous care of all phases of the production cycle contribute to the realization of a final product with refined quality, a typical characteristic of the territory and able to satisfy the taste requirements of a varied target of customers.

Over time, the same attention given to the product care is focusing on our customers care. Actually, more and more people want to visit and reach our vineyards. The new tasting room was created to give the right setting where you can taste our wines. It is a modern and welcoming environment designed to enhance our products.

The selection of the best grapes and the constant quality control give to the final product important  organoleptic properties who express themselves through structured wines, brightly coloured and with a range of different and intense olfactory sensations.


The fruit of our land and our work